The Top Motorola Public Safety Radios for 2023

If you look back at the history of Motorola, you’ll go back to the 1930s when the company developed the first radios that were used in vehicles. Portable two-way radios followed ten years later. Those who are young enough may remember Neil Armstrong’s famous statement as he walked on the moon, and that statement was relayed using Motorola equipment.

As technology improves, Motorola keeps up with the advancements. The APX multi-band two-way radio came out in 2008, followed by the world’s first LTE handheld public safety radio a few years later. Innovation is everything to Motorola Solutions, and they should be at the top of your list for public safety equipment. Here are the top Motorola public safety radios for 2023.

CP100D Portable

This is an entry-level two-way radio for organizations with limited funding. It doesn’t have a display or keypad, but it’s simple to use and does what you need it to do when you’re dealing with a public safety issue. 


  • Pre-programmed text messaging
  • Analog and digital voice communications
  • Option for a monochromatic display if a display is necessary
  • Battery designed to increase talk time by up to 35% over comparable models

CP200D Portable

If you want a two-way radio that offers a few more features than the CP100D, try the CP200D. It’s a budget model that focuses on ease of use and reliability. It boosts battery life by 40% and is rugged and designed for heavy use.


  • Extended range
  • Analog and digital voice
  • Digital noise-canceling technology
  • Automatic Gain Control to ensure others hear you when you need to whisper information
  • Emergency alerts
  • Quick Call II capability
  • Rx Audio level and automatic gain control
  • Optional RFID knob
  • Up to 25 hours of time using an Ultra-High Cap Li-Ion 2900 mAh battery

EVX-S24 Portable 

When you’re dealing with a tight budget, the EVX-S24 is a solid choice. It can operate in either digital or analog and is small and clips to a coat or shirt pocket. It’s water-resistant and dust-proof and has an 8-character display with up to 256 channels, 4 programmable keys, and 16 talk groups. It offers exceptional audio quality and simple push-to-talk usability.


  • One of the most affordable options
  • Emergency and lone worker alert options
  • Battery saving technology
  • Busy Channel Lockout technology
  • Whisper mode
  • Low power notifications
  • Group and private calls
  • Call history
  • Enhanced and basic privacy options


The CM Series Mobile radios are allowable for drivers of commercial motor vehicles. The U.S. Department of transportation allows their use in commercial vehicles, which makes them a popular choice for many groups.


  • Analog and digital
  • Numeric (CM200D) or Alphanumeric (CM300D) displays
  • DMR compliant
  • Dual Capacity Direct Mode
  • Basic privacy
  • Voice communications and voice announcement
  • Narrowbanding compliant


This is the first business-ready smart radio with broadband data and full voice. It’s compatible with Android platforms and offers push-to-talk communications. The touchscreen interface is handy for viewing high-res images and allows you to send videos and photos from your location.


  • Switches automatically to broadband when you’re out of Wi-Fi range
  • Secure connections on both private and public networks
  • Fully customizable
  • Built-in GNSS and AGPS for location tracking
  • Long battery life
  • Top-notch security with standard malware blocking
  • Gorilla glass display

MOTOTRBO R7 Portable

One of the biggest perks to the R7 Portable is that it’s designed to have clear audio even in the loudest environment. The Adaptive Dual Microphone Noise Suppression blocks out background noises like trucks, machinery, traffic, etc. It also has Automatic Acoustic Feedback Suppression to stop feedback from nearby radios. Finally, it has automatic Intelligent Audio that turns the volume up or down automatically to make sure you don’t miss what someone says.


  • Can be used in hazardous environments like fires without risk of ignition
  • Waterproof for up to two meters for as long as two hours
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled
  • Up to 28 hours of battery life
  • Corrosion-proof connectors
  • Disinfecting/Decontamination resistant case
  • Five years of hardware repairs, tech support, and software updates included


There are three models in the MOTOTRBO SL7000e series. It comes down to your specific needs. SL7550 is UHF Band 1 and 2, SL7580 is 800 MHz, and the SL7590 is 900 MHz. These are lightweight portable radios that are easily carried. 


  • Software updates are over-the-air
  • WAVE OnCloud support
  • Indoor location tracking
  • Greater range
  • Heightened audio
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Real-time data
  • Accelerometer with optional man-down calls if movement isn’t detected


This is one of the more popular options for school bus drivers and city workers. It’s affordable and offers easy-to-use technology for safe use when you’re on the go. It’s splashproof and dustproof for use in tough conditions.


  • Analog or digital
  • Intelligent audio
  • DMR compliant
  • Narrowbanding compliant
  • Voice announcement and communications
  • IP54 rated
  • Optional enhanced privacy

XPR3000E Series

The XPR3000E series offers two models. One has a monochrome display and limited keypad  (XPR3300E) and the other has no display or keypad (XPR3500E), making it a budget-friendly choice. Both include noise-canceling technology and heightened voice clarity. They offer up to 28.5 hours of battery life, which means they’ll cover a full day.


  • Wi-Fi integration
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • The range is 8% better
  • Waterproof
  • HazLoc options

XPR5000E Series

The four models in the XPR5000E series are designed to impress when it comes to range and audio quality. They use high-power amplifiers to enhance speech and block out background noise. Two models have full-color displays (XPR5550E VHF and UHF and XPR5580E 800/900 MHz) and the other two have black and white numeric displays (XPR5350E VHF and UHF and XPR5380E 800/900 MHz).


  • Models with color displays have 1,000 channels
  • Home channel reminders
  • Analog and digital 
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled for audio and data
  • Event-driven location updates
  • Text-to-speech announcements
  • User-selected audio profiles
  • Microphone distortion controls and trill enhancement

XPR7000E Series

There are four models in this two-way radio collection. The series offers two models without displays or keypads – XPR7350E VHF and UHF and XPR7380E 800/90 MHz). The other two models have keypads and full-color displays – XPR7550E VHF and UHF and XPR7580 800/900 MHz.

It’s your choice if you want to operate these portable radios in digital or analog modes. They have a long battery life and heightened audio quality.


  • Integrated Wi-Fi with remote software updates
  • Bluetooth audio
  • GPS tracking both inside and building and when outside
  • Waterproof
  • 29 hours of battery life to cover an entire day of use
  • Man down option with the integrated accelerometer
  • Improved range
  • Channel-lock capability on the XPR7550E and XPR7580E

WAVE TLK100 Portable

The portable WAVE TLK100 pairs the ease-of-use two-way radio offers with the convenience of connectivity through a nationwide cellular network. It’s a push-to-talk system that has your public safety team running smoothing within 24 hours.


  • Simple to use
  • Long battery life
  • Integrates with other MOTOTRBO systems
  • Able to connect to Wi-Fi when inside a building
  • GPS tracking
  • Weather-proof
  • Small and easy to carry
  • Remote management of talk groups
  • Good option on a budget

WAVE TLK150 Mobile

WAVE TLK150 Mobile is similar to the TLK100, but it has an in-vehicle component with one-button push and talk that allows users to safely operate the system while in a vehicle. It’s fully compatible with other smartphones and MOTOTRBO systems and uses nationwide cellular networks for fluid connections outside. Inside, you can connect it to a building’s Wi-Fi for consistent performance.


  • Push-to-talk for both group and private conversations.
  • GPS tracking
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Over-the-air management

PMC’s Motorola Solutions professionals offer the expertise you need to be assured you’ve made the right choice. Whether you’re looking for entry-level equipment or enhanced professional tiers, our team has the insight and knowledge to guide you to the right options for your requirements and budget. We offer free quotes, and you can request a free quote online at your convenience.