Public Safety Communications and Security Integration Experts

We are honored to support our dedicated first responders who put their lives on the line every day to keep our communities safe.

PMC has been heavily focused on supporting the technology needs of the public safety agencies in the communities we serve for over 30 years. As a family-owned business, our reputation is everything. Our mission has always been to deliver cutting edge technology that allows you to stay focused at your task at hand, and to be viewed as a trusted partner that you can rely on to support your operation long after the sale.

PMC’s solutions are available for purchase on state and local purchasing contracts to make it easy to do business with us.

As wireless voice, video and data technologies continually evolve, solutions can rapidly become obsolete and result in dire financial implications. Understanding your need to be fiscally responsible and invest in technologies that you can leverage today and evolve with for years to come; we spend the time upfront to understand your needs and deliver the most value while staying within your budget.

As a result, PMC partners with a variety of manufacturers to offer end-to-end solutions similar to our larger competitors, but with the personal touch of a family-owned business and a customer focused culture that we are proud to maintain.

Below are some of the partners that PMC works closely with:


Tait Communications

PMC Wireless has been partnering with Tait for over a decade and is one of their largest dealers in the country. At PMC, we appreciate that Tait has been one of the more forward-thinking companies in the industry for over 50 years. You too will quickly come to appreciate the passion of the people who work there and the New Zealand “Kiwi” culture.

At PMC Wireless, we can provide your agency with a complete, customized, end-to-end solution that meets your department’s unique needs and stays within your budget. Tait’s P25 solutions are economical and scalable for a small-town conventional analog or P25 system all the way up to a large county/city multi-site, multi-zone trunking network. Tait also invests heavily in a converged portfolio of LTE/P25 offerings to deliver “outside the box” solutions as the industry continues to evolve in this direction.

The portfolio includes:

  • XL FAMILY of Milti-band Converged LTE/LMR Portables
  • Multimode, Digital, Analog and P25 Phase 1 & Phase 2 Capabilities
  • Intrinsically Safe Configured Radios for Operation in Hazardous Environments

P25 and Public Safety Two-Way Radios

PMC Wireless is proud to be a solutions partner and system integrator for L3Harris. They offer an impressive breadth of P25 radios, including their multi-band, LTE enabled XL-series. For years, L3Harris has helped define the P25 technical standards for the First Responder and critical communications marketplace. P25 standards established by the Association for Public Safety Communications Officials include a suite of North America standards that enable the interoperable communication of devices across public safety organizations and utilities during emergency situations.

The L3Harris P25 portfolio includes a range of mobile and portable converged LTE/LMR radios for First Responders to communicate on a reliable, secure network. Radio solutions from L3Harris and PMC Wireless provide you with a choice of networks, proven interoperability and a migration path that allows you to keep pace with your agency’s changing needs and tightening budgets.

Security camera


Video Surveillance Solutions

As a Motorola Solutions Premier Partner, PMC Wireless distributes, integrates and maintains video solutions from all of Motorola Solutions fixed video surveillance offerings including Avigilon, IndigoVision and Pelco.

What makes the difference between a smart Avigilon fixed video security surveillance system from traditional camera detection systems is the intelligence of the captured analytics.


PMC Wireless’ video security systems deliver the right information, at the right time and context for an informed public safety response. Whether your municipality is deploying video surveillance systems to monitor public buildings, protect citizens in a park or deter crime on a street corner, PMC Wireless video solutions constantly analyze surroundings and call attention to what you need to know, with real-time awareness and actionable intelligence.

Powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) our video, cloud and Avigilon Control Center can seamlessly integrate across an entire video security platform to provide the right information, and inform appropriate action. Our video surveillance solutions and self-learning analytics help detect and deter crime.

At PMC Wireless we keep our video solutions technology simple and easy to use, letting you focus on what matters most.


Through our partnership with Cradlepoint ,we have collaborated on several high-profile deployments. Cradlepoint is a well-known and trusted provider of mobile and fixed network connectivity devices. With over 3,500+ first responder agency customers, and Blue Light services across the world relying on Cradlepoint solutions, you know you are working with a trusted partner.

Cradlepoint’s intelligent networking software and dual modems ensure nonstop reliability across one or more cellular networks. Our public safety-certified LTE and 5G Ready wireless routers and adapters let you build and manage one network on one platform.

Whatever your need is for mission-critical cellular connectivity, we provide tailored solutions with wireless routers or adapters that are engineered to withstand the demands of everyday First Responder and Blue Light service duty.

Our wireless connectivity solutions for Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS are ideal for:

  • In-Vehicle Networking
  • Fixed & Mobile Site Networking
  • Connected Cameras and Devices
  • Emergency Call Center Resiliency
  • GPS- Enabled Applications
  • Emergency Drop Kits

Cradlepoint solutions unlock the power of LTE and 5G cellular networks, including public safety networks like FirstNet, Verizon Response Verified, and ESN.


When lives are at stake you need to know you have a command-and-control system, you can count on.

At PMC Wireless, we partner with Zetron for command-and-control dispatch solutions,based on their commitment to providing open standard public safety solutions that meet or exceed the requirements of mission critical systems by providing reliable, expandable, configurable and easy to use products.

Zetron has delivered thousands of integrated public safety dispatch systems for police, fire, EMS agencies, 9-1-1 emergency call centers, campus security, government agencies, and regional emergency operations centers worldwide. Zetron’s public safety software suite– including E9-1-1 call taking, computer-aided dispatch, radio and telephony dispatch, and fire station alerting systems-are-used by public safety agencies throughout the world.

PMC Wireless partners with Aviat Networks for their extensive of microwave backhaul solutions and outstanding reputation as a leader in their respective markets. Their portfolio provides customers with the power of choice. Aviat’s microwave radios, switches, routers, and software products enable network operators and managers to build the highest performing networks at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Aviat Networks products are purpose-built for mission-critical requirements and have a proven track record for architecting cost-effective public safety networks at L1/L2/L3. Their product quality and reliability are unmatched in the wireless transport industry and with product innovations such as the industry’s first integrated IP/MPLS wireless router, highest power microwave radio ever built, and first cloud-based automation platform, you can be assured you are accessing the wireless industry’s top technology.

PMC is proud to offer Aviat Networks’ premiere wireless solutions for mission critical public safety applications.


FirstNet provides first responders and public safety professionals with a dedicated nationwide high-speed wireless broadband network that they can rely on in emergency situations. The FirstNet network provides a reliable, highly secure, interoperable, and innovative communications platform for public safety agencies and first responders to better collaborate, allowing them to get more information quickly and helping them to make faster and better decisions.

In response to the 9/11 Commission to establish a single interoperable public safety network, FirstNet evolved as a nationwide broadband network tailored specifically to meet the needs of public safety agencies to interact, save lives and protect communities across the nation.

With FirstNet Push-To-Talk (PTT) PMC Wireless two-way radio users can communicate seamlessly with other users on your Land Mobile Radio (LMR) network. This interoperable connectivity helps improve productivity, opens LMR capacity, and extends your operational reach at a lower total cost of ownership.

Much like PMC Wireless, Panorama Antennas is a family business with over 70 years of experience focused on the design, manufacture and distribution of world-class antennas for radio communications.

With the most complete range of police car antennas in the industry, Panorama’s portfolio of professional antennas is unparalleled in the industry. Panorama has demonstrated expertise in providing combination antennas that incorporate multiple technologies, as well as fit-for-purpose antenna solutions tailored for challenging environments.

Panorama has a complete range of products to support a number of different frequencies and technologies.

Panorama’s GPS antennas support GNSS, GPS, Beidou, and Glonass satellite constellations. In addition, Panorama’s cellular antennas cover worldwide 2G/3G/4G LTE and the latest 5G LTE frequency bands. A wide selection of Wi-Fi antennas,built with the latest technology, is also available.

Despite newly adopted federal regulations for drone pilots, we continue to see hobbyists and nefarious activity resulting in public safety issues . With this in mind, PMC Wireless has partnered with AeroDefense to offer the AirWarden™ drone detection system for public safety and security teams.

AirWarden™ drone detection systems provide public safety agencies and security teams with early warning and actionable intelligence to respond quickly and effectively to drone threats. AirWarden™ technology monitors the radio frequency environment with spectrum sensing technology that monitors frequency bands for the presence or absence of drone signals.

Based upon preconfigured geofence boundaries AirWarden™ sensors detects when a drone or pilot enters a defined zone. Once the system detects a drone signal it provides the location and tracking information for both the ground station controller and the drone so proper action and/or remediation can be taken.

In recent years we have seen the proliferation of drones for both commercial and recreational use, but in the wrong hands, drones can also pose significant public safety and security threats.

Unfortunately, we have seen drones:

  • Impede utilities
  • Crash at stadiums
  • Deliver contraband in prisons
  • Disrupt flights
  • Deployed for industrial espionage
AirWarden is the only drone detection solution to receive the Department of Homeland Security Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act Developmental Testing and Evaluation Designation. Technology solutions that have earned this designation undergo rigorous evaluation by the Department of Homeland Security-and offer the highest level of confidence in system technology.

PMC Wireless is proud to be an authorized dealer to Unication, USA the leader and innovator in critical messaging and paging solutions for first responders. Unication supports the industry’s first and only P25 Voice Pagers, a single device that supports multiple communications systems.

G-Series P25 Voice Pagers allow users a future-proof option that supports 2-tone analog and P25 digital communications on VHF/UHF/700-800 MHz frequencies.

Additional features include 512 CH with 4 scan modes (Free, Silent, Normal, Priority) and an IP67 Rating for waterproof and dustproof tolerance.

P25 Voice Paging Allows Fire Departments to:

  • Receive 2-tone pages and P25 radio communications with a single device
  • Choose a future-proof solution that supports both analog and digital networks
  • Communicate with surrounding departments/agencies for improved mutual aid


Public Safety Services

PMC Wireless has over 30 years’ experience designing, project managing, installing, servicing and maintaining wireless voice, video and data equipment. We are always there to support you in finding the solution you need to make the right call 24/7/365.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Our business relies on the relationships we have built with our customers, including many of the largest agencies in the area, and we are proud of our reputation for providing unparalleled customer service.

At PMC Wireless, we know our ability to serve our customers relies upon the technical competency and professionalism of our service personnel. That’s why PMC Wireless invests extensively in the comprehensive education, ongoing training and certifying of our team, equipping them with the best diagnostic and technical support equipment in the industry.

Our professional team of certified technicians demonstrates a thorough knowledge about all the products and solutions we offer, so we can provide our customers with the highest quality of service.

Our Technical Services Include:

  • FCC Licensing Support
  • Antenna / Tower Management
  • Turn Key Radio Systems
  • P25 Multi-Band Radios & Encryption
  • Dispatch Solutions
  • FirstNet Interoperability
  • Video Security Solutions
  • Access Control
  • Drone Detection
  • School Emergency Communications
  • Microwave Backhaul Networks
  • Public Safety DAS
  • LTE Push-To-Talk
  • Full Service Install & Repair

4g and 5g cellular telecommunication towers

Project Management

Our project managers have the professionalism and experience to drive your project to completion on time and on budget. From large statewide multi-faceted technology deployments, to deploying a local Police Department’s new radio system and dispatch center, we’ve seen and done it all.


We offer reasonably priced service agreements so that we can take maintenance headaches off your plate, 24/7/365 days a year. With PMC you get peace of mind knowing that we will be there when you need us.



  • Aviat
  • Avigilon
  • Cel-Fi
  • Comprod
  • Concept Seating
  • Cradlepoint
  • CSI
  • C2 Systems
  • Evans
  • Eventide
  • Fiplex
  • FirstNet
  • JMA Wireless
  • JPS Interoperability Solutions
  • L3Harris
  • Mutualink
  • NEC
  • Panorama Antennas
  • Pyramid Communications
  • Sierra Wireless
  • Sinclair
  • Tait
  • Telex
  • TC Communications
  • Unication
  • Vertex Standard
  • Zetron