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Avigilon Video Security Solutions Allow You to Focus on What Matters Most The broad portfolio of Avigilon video cameras (Fixed, PTZ, Thermal and Multi-sensor) as well as their advanced analytics and smart access control systems are part of Motorola Solutions’ mission-critical ecosystem designed for public safety and enterprise security. This suite of Motorola Solutions technologies including Avigilon video security, Push-To-Talk two-way radio communications, access control and command center software, and support services all come together to provide end-to-end integrated solutions that help make businesses more productive and secure and communities safe. Avigilon video security solutions deliver actionable results, by taking what’s visible and making it actionable.


THE trusted expert in microwave networking solutions, Aviat features a rich history of innovation, knowledge, experience, and expertise resulting in over 2,000 patents for their technology.

C2 Squared Systems

C2 Systems provides remote monitoring for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), as well as cell sites and utilities sites. Their monitoring and management solutions help keep your network reliable and up to speed at all times.


For 40 years, Zetron has been creating mission-critical communications solutions for public safety, transportation, utilities, natural resources, healthcare, and academic institutions.

Maximize your command and control center with brilliant interoperable console solutions and specialty products designed to enhance situational awareness and deliver quick, efficient, reliable, and integrated communications to emergency response and field operations teams.


Founded in 2006, Cradlepoint has grown to become the industry leader in cloud-delivered 5G network solutions for business, service providers, and government organizations.


The FirstNet mission is to deploy, operate, maintain, and improve the first high-speed, nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety. This reliable, highly secure, interoperable, and innovative public safety communications platform will bring 21st century tools to public safety agencies and first responders, allowing them to get more information quickly and helping them to make faster and better decisions.

JPS Interoperability Solutions

JPS has a long history and experience in the design and manufacture of equipment that interconnects disparate radios systems to each other or to analog and digital telephones, using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms to resolve the various issues that can occur when different communications systems link.

L3Harris Technologies

L3Harris Technologies is an agile global aerospace and defense technology innovator, delivering end-to-end solutions that meet customers’ mission-critical needs. We provide advanced defense and commercial technologies across air, land, sea, space, and cyber domains. We bring speed, innovation, and flawless execution together with our commitment to make the world safer and more secure.

Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions is a leader in mission–critical communications products and solutions, helping you stay safe and connected with the most advanced and reliable radios. With an unshakable commitment to innovation, their drive for continuous innovation and customer partnerships enable them to be ready in the moments that matter most.


Mutualink provides seamless operational communications so communities are instantly capable of sharing radio, voice, text, video, data files, and telephone systems in a secure environment. Consistent, high-quality incident management includes video sharing and radio interoperability. Mutualink enables real-time video streaming between partners, as well as LTE-to-LMR interoperability for optimal daily and emergency communications. Improved situational awareness helps ensure officer safety.

Panorama Antennas

Panorama Antennas Ltd is a British company that designs and manufactures communications antennas and related diplexer products.

Pyramid Communications

Pyramid Communications’ Vehicular Repeaters are the most complete line in the industry, providing uncompromised on-scene coverage for portable radio users.

Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless is an IoT pioneer, empowering businesses and industries to transform and thrive in the connected economy.

Tait Communications

With nearly 50 years’ experience in radio, Tait is passionate about the future of critical communications. As business systems grow to include more and more technologies like LTE, dispatch, AVL, cellular, voice recorders, SCADA, and many more, you can trust Tait to unify these diverse technologies to deliver stronger, simpler, and smarter critical communications.


For more than 75 years, Telex has been a leading manufacturer of dependable, top-of-the-line communication equipment, like aviation products, intercom systems, radio dispatch, and wireless microphones.


Unication USA is a leader in critical messaging solutions for first responders. The industry’s first and only P25 Voice Pager now available in Phase II.

Vertex Standard

Vertex Standard is driven to help organizations “Connect Without Compromise” with two-way radios that do more for less. The company was founded nearly 60 years ago and supplies customers around the world with compact, reliable, full-featured radios that are built to last.

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