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Over the past 30 years of providing our customers with innovative solutions to their mission-critical wireless challenges, we have cultivated a rich portfolio of industry leading manufacturers we trust to support our customers objectives. Most of our product partners are listed on this page and include technology solution categories such as:

  • Land Mobile Radio & Pagers
  • Dispatch Center Products
  • In-Building Coverage and Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Connectivity
  • Antennas & Filtering Solutions
  • Access Control
  • Interoperability Solutions
  • Microwave & Backhaul Solutions

Tait Communications Provides both P25 and DMR Two-Way Radio Systems and Devices

PMC Wireless has partnered with Tait for over a decade and is one of their largest dealers in the country. For over 50 years, Tait has been one of the more forward-thinking companies in the industry with both commercial and P25 (Public Safety) solutions that are economical and scalable. From analog conventional deployments to large county/city multi-site, multi-zone trunking networks, Tait has you covered. Tait also invests heavily in a converged portfolio of LTE/P25 offerings to deliver outside-the-box solutions as the industry continues to evolve.

Motorola Solutions an Industry Leader in Professional and Commercial Two-Way Radio Systems and Devices

As a Motorola Solutions Channel Partner, PMC Wireless is professionally trained and certified in delivering the breadth of Motorola Solutions professional and commercial radio solutions. PMC’s MOTOTRBO two-way radio systems and purpose-built devices offer a full complement of end-to-end technology to meet simple on-site push-to-talk applications to more sophisticated multi-talk group radio solutions with integrated software applications that can span across wide coverage areas.

Recognized Around the World for Designing and Manufacturing Compact Two-Way Radios

Vertex Standard is known around the world for manufacturing affordable, compact, feature-rich two-way radios that are deployed across multiple vertical markets. Vertex Standard is driven to help organizations “Connect Without Compromise” with two-way radios that do more for less.

Vertex Standard was founded nearly 60 years ago, but today they are a Motorola Solutions-owned company that shares design technology and Motorola’s unmatched durability testing. The alignment between Vertex Standard and Motorola Solutions serves the marketplace with industry-leading two-way radio products.

An Innovator of LMR (Land Mobile Radio) Technology, L3Harris features a complete line of P25 & Commercial Two-Way Radios

PMC Wireless is proud to be a solutions partner and system integrator for L3Harris, offering an impressive breadth of mobile and portable radios for commercial and public safety/P25 applications. For years, L3Harris has helped define P25 technical standards for the first responder and critical communications marketplace. Radio solutions from L3Harris and PMC Wireless provide you a choice of networks, proven interoperability, and a migration path that allows you to keep pace with your changing needs and budget.

A Trusted Name and Innovator of Pagers to Support First Responders

PMC Wireless is proud to be an authorized dealer to Unication, USA, the leader and innovator in critical messaging and paging solutions for first responders. Unication supports the industry’s first and only P25 voice pagers, a single device that supports multiple communications systems.

G-Series P25 voice pagers allow users a future-proof option that supports 2-tone analog and P25 digital communications on VHF/UHF/700-800 MHz frequencies.


Zetron Offers a Broad Portfolio of Dispatch Solutions to Support Both Public Safety and Commercial Applications

PMC Wireless partners with Zetron for command-and-control dispatch solutions because of their commitment to providing open standard public safety solutions that meet or exceed the requirements of mission-critical systems by providing reliable, expandable, configurable and easy-to-use products.

Zetron has delivered thousands of integrated public safety dispatch systems for police, fire, EMS agencies, 9-1-1 emergency call centers, campus security, government agencies and regional emergency operations centers worldwide. Zetron’s public safety software suite– including E9-1-1 call taking, computer-aided dispatch, radio and telephony dispatch, and fire station alerting systems are is used by public safety agencies throughout the world. When lives are at stake you need to know you have a command-and-control system, you can count on turn to Zetron.

AVTEC Command and Control Consoles Include Sophisticated Public Safety Applications and Streamlined Solutions for Commercial Users

PMC Wireless offers a variety of Avtec console solutions from Motorola Solutions that address the most sophisticated command-and-control center needs and a streamlined enterprise application. Avtec’s proven reliability and scalable features provide customers the reliability they expect from a dispatch solution to effectively communicate and direct resources.

Avtec consoles’ single-code platform allow you to seamlessly integrate with best-in-class third-party solutions. This capability not only enhances communications, but also protects and maximizes your investment over time as your requirements and applications change.

Furniture and Console Solutions that Promote Ergonomics and Productivity for Dispatchers

For over 40 years, Evans has been the global leader in providing innovative dispatch consoles and furniture solutions for a diverse client base, including 911 for public safety, utilities, security and government agencies. PMC Wireless’ dispatch center customers, can choose from Evans best consoles and furniture to design a communications center solution that will be exclusively for them, and that will support their needs today, and into the future.

Recognized Around the World for Reliable Dispatch Recording Solutions

For over 50 years, Eventide has been providing mission-critical recording solutions for emergency call-centers, dispatch, portable recorders and all other important communications environments. With over 7,000 recording systems deployed around the world, PMC Wireless is confident when partnering with Eventide customers will receive a highly reliable recording solutions that captures and archives media from a wide range of critical communications systems.

Comfortable and Durable Seating for Call Centers

PMC Wireless’ partnership with Concept Seating allows us to proudly offer our customers one of the most comfortable, durable and ergonomic 911 chairs for worker efficiency on the market. Since 1995, Concept Seating has provided 24/7 emergency dispatch chairs that keep workers focused and alert during long call-taking shifts. Concept Seating 24-hour dispatch chairs are engineered to serve workers, last over time and make the most of your seating investment.

Dispatch Software that Helps Dispatchers Manage Resources and Enhance Situational Awareness

For over 30 years, CSI has designed robust, fully integrated, and customizable software suites that have helped revolutionize state, county and local government operations. CSI solutions enable communication and dispatch centers to effectively answer emergency calls, pinpoint the location of the emergency, manage resources, and provide real-time updates and situational awareness to responders. Police, Fire and EMS units are automatically assigned according to incident type, and the closest available unit(s) are recommended for dispatch.

An Interoperability Software that Converts Analog Communications to IP

Telex radio dispatch systems offer the ultimate in interoperability, reliability and scalability for ROIP/VOIP communications — including the easy-to-use C-Soft control software with optional direct IP interfaces and the IP-224 radio gateway for converting analog communications to IP. Telex solutions provide applications for a wide range of users, including commercial and distribution, manufacturers, education, federal and state government, public safety and transportation.


ADRF Provides Innovative Wireless Solutions Such as DAS, Repeater and Antennas that Enhance Coverage

Since 1999 ADRF has been connecting people and devices with innovative, reliable public safety solutions proven to make buildings safer for first responders with mission-critical wireless connectivity. When you partner with ADRF, you are working with a company that takes pride in focusing on the customer, designing solutions that meet your unique needs and providing a scalable pathway for the future.

ADRF offers a comprehensive portfolio of in-building wireless solutions including Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), repeaters, antennas and passive components, with an industry-leading reputation for reliability and prompt delivery.

JMA Provides Carrier-Grade Solutions for In-Building and Outdoor Use To Enhance Network Performance, Coverage, and Stability

PMC Wireless partners with JMA Wireless, a global leader in innovative mobile wireless connectivity solutions that ensure reliability, streamlined operations and maximum wireless performance.

As businesses grow more dependent on mobile wireless technology, JMA Wireless’s Distributed Antenna Systems continue to be the solution of choice to stay connected. JMA’s platform delivers maximum performance, with the flexibility to adapt coverage and capacity for any venue. The JMA Wireless platform is 5G-ready, with many features that make it the DAS of choice when considering support for future networks.

JMA’s solutions portfolio is proven to lower the total cost of operation, while ensuring lifetime quality levels in both equipment and performance for coverage and high-speed mobile data. JMA delivers software-driven, carrier-grade solutions designed specifically for in-building and outdoor use, offering superior performance, coverage, and stability for the most advanced and highly dense networks worldwide.

CEL-FI Nextivity Solutions Address Poor Cellular and Public Safety Coverage In Enterprise, Business, IoT, Remote, and Mobile Environments

Cel-Fi Nextivity’s smart coverage solutions are award-winning products that solve in-building wireless communication challenges for any environment. The Cel-Fi product line offers the best solutions for addressing poor public safety communication and cellular coverage in enterprise, business, IoT, remote and mobile environments.

PMC and Cel-Fi recognize that reliable communication is a matter of life and death for first responders. PMC Wireless relies on Cel-Fi’s Public Safety solutions because they deliver the most advanced ERRCS/ERCES, FirstNet, and cellular solutions available with uncompromising coverage capability.

Cel-Fi’s Public Safety and FirstNet technologies combine industry-leading performance with ease of installation and technical support to ensure our fire, police and EMT personnel stay connected when it matters most.

The Cel-Fi solutions optimize cellular and public safety coverage for

enterprise, business, and transportation applications.

Fiplex Portfolio of BDA and Fiber DAS Solutions Extend Coverage and Enhance Performance of Mission-Critical Radio Communications

FIPLEX Communications, Inc. is recognized throughout the world as an innovative manufacturer of telecommunication products focused on providing solutions for public safety

and mission-critical applications. With over 35 years of expertise, FIPLEX is committed to offering a complete line of signal boosters and DAS solutions to help solve the challenges of in-building coverage for 700/800 MHz, VHF and UHF bands.

Working in conjunction with FIPLEX, PMC Wireless can help enhance coverage for any communications network with customized, reliable and secure end-to-end solutions to meet any local authority’s codes and regulations.

FIPLEX products and solutions are designed to protect human life and provide first responders with high quality, regulatory certified products assembled in the USA.

Customizable Turnkey In-Building and Outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems that Provide Enhanced Wireless Network Performance

C2 Systems provides remote monitoring for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) as well as cell sites and utilities sites. Their monitoring and management solutions help keep your network reliable and up to speed.

Working in conjunction with C2 Systems, PMC Wireless can create customizable turnkey in-building and outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems to provide any building, venue or campus with enhanced wireless network performance.

No matter how complex the environment, by working in collaboration with C2 System’s advanced experience, analysis, and technologies we can provide you increased capacity and coverage, and keep you connected.

Comba Offers a Wide Array of Enterprise Wireless Hardware to Bridge In-Building Coverage

PMC Wireless partners with Comba, a global leader when it comes to RF communications solutions and equipment to support the wireless industry. Comba’s core product portfolio includes DAS, small cell, repeater and passive components such as couplers, antennas and cabling that enable turnkey solutions for both indoor and outdoor wireless coverage and capacity.

At PMC Wireless we routinely count on Comba because they are committed to providing affordable, state-of-the-art solutions for in-building public safety wireless communications that provide first responders with the coverage they deserve. Comba’s CriticalPointoffering includes public safety fiber DAS, BDAs, battery backup units, annunciator panel, antenna monitoring systems and filters to support in-building ERRCS & ERCES compliance.


Secure and Reliable LTE & 5G Router and Adapter Solutions that Enable Network Connectivity

Through our partnership with Cradlepoint, a well-known and trusted provider of mobile and fixed network connectivity devices, PMC Wireless has collaborated on several high-profile deployments. With over 3,500+ first responder agency customers across the world relying on Cradlepoint solutions, you know you are working with a trusted partner.

Cradlepoint’s intelligent networking software and dual modems ensure nonstop reliability across one or more cellular networks. Our public safety-certified LTE and 5G ready wireless routers and adapters let you build and manage one network on one platform.

Cradlepoint can provide tailored solutions with wireless routers or adapters that are engineered to withstand the demands of first responders.

Our wireless connectivity solutions for Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS are ideal for:

  • In-Vehicle Networking
  • Fixed and Mobile Site Networking
  • Connected Cameras and Devices
  • Emergency Call Center Resiliency
  • GPS- Enabled Applications
  • Emergency Drop Kits

Cradlepoint Solutions unlock the power of LTE and 5G cellular networks, including public safety networks like FirstNet, Verizon Response Verified, and ESN.

FirstNet provides reliable, highly secure, interoperable and innovative communications platform for public safety agencies

FirstNet provides first responders and public safety professionals with a dedicated nationwide high-speed wireless broadband network they can rely on in emergency situations. The FirstNet network provides a reliable, highly secure, interoperable and innovative communications platform for public safety agencies and first responders to better collaborate, allowing them to get more information quickly, and enabling them to make faster and better decisions.

In response to the 9/11 Commission to establish a single interoperable public safety network, FirstNet evolved as a nationwide broadband network tailored specifically to meet the needs of public safety agencies to interact, save lives and protect communities across the nation.

With FirstNet Push-To-Talk (PTT) PMC Wireless two-way radio users can communicate seamlessly with other users on your Land Mobile Radio (LMR) network. This interoperable connectivity helps improve productivity, opens LMR capacity, and extends your operational reach at a lower total cost of ownership.

Provides a Wide Range of Networking and IoT Solutions Including Modems, Routers and Gateways

PMC Wireless relies on Sierra Wireless for their IoT expertise and their ability to deliver the connectivity, modules, antennas and router solutions you need to accelerate your data transfer. Sierra Wireless takes an end-to-end approach to providing the most secure IoT cybersecurity solutions available in the market.

IoT is transforming the applications first responders and law enforcement professionals need to do their jobs while improving safety and security in their communities. With Sierra Wireless’s Public Safety solutions, you can connect to commercial mobile networks or dedicated public safety networks such as FirstNet across industries.

Sierra Wireless offers fully Integrated IoT Solutions for any industry, including public safety, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, Smart Cities and commercial building infrastructure.

Getac ruggedized laptops are designed to perform on location in some of the harshest environments.

Getac ruggedized laptops are designed to perform where consumer-grade laptops typically fail.  From supporting First Responders to being relied by users working in some of the most hazardous locations in the field; Getac laptops are engineered to survive in some of the most harshest environments.


A Global Leader in the Design and Manufacture of RF Antenna Solutions for Wireless Communications

Much like PMC Wireless, Panorama is a family business with over 70 years of experience focused on the design, manufacture and distribution of world-class antennas for radio communications. With the most complete range of antennas in the industry, Panorama’s portfolio of professional antennas is unparalleled in the industry. Panorama has demonstrated expertise in providing combination antennas that incorporate multiple technologies as well as fit-for-purpose antenna solutions tailored for challenging environments.

Panorama has a complete range of products to support many frequencies and technologies. Panorama’s GPS antennas support GNSS, GPS, Beidou and Glonass satellite constellations. In addition, Panorama’s cellular antennas cover worldwide 2G/3G/4G LTE and the latest 5G LTE frequency bands.

dbSpectra Focuses on Two-Way Radio Equipment Such as Transmitter Combiners, Receiver Multicouplers, Duplexers, Antennas, Filters and More

dbSpectra designs and manufactures transmitter combiners, filters, antennas, multi-coupler receivers, duplexers, tower top amplifiers and customized RF solutions and sub-systems for mission-critical communications markets.

dbSpectra prides itself on bringing fresh ideas and state-of-the-art engineering

to the communications industry.

The dbSpectra SMARTtune RF Power Monitor and Tuning Assist allow you to intelligently monitor your sites, and quickly tune your antennas and combiners to keep your mission critical sites up and running.

Like PMC Wireless, dbSpectra goes the extra mile for our customers to provide the solutions you need and ensure products and services are consistently safe and reliable.

Hardware and Software that Supports the Infrastructure, Connectivity and Performance of Wireless Broadband Networks

CommScope innovates end-to-end wireless solutions that push the boundaries of communications to create the most advanced technologies to support people, places and networks.

Working together with CommScope, PMC Wireless designs, installs and maintains the hardware and software that allows our customers to advance the connectivity and performance of their wireless broadband networks. CommScope’s end-to-end solutions range from in-building cellular to macro & small cell sites, outdoor wireless, CBRS, broadband, enterprise, IoT and fixed wireless, campus and smart building networks.

CommScope designs, manufactures, installs and supports the hardware infrastructure and software intelligence that enables our digital society to interact and thrive.

CommScope creates network technologies that bring people together

Telecommunications Equipment for In-Building Wireless, Intelligent Site Management, Cell Site Optimization, and Outside Plant Solutions

Westell is a leading provider of high-performance wireless infrastructure solutions for a variety of applications from in-building and public safety DAS, to tower management, site security, systems integration and outside plant and industrial networks. PMC Wireless partners with Westell because we are focused on innovation and offering differentiated wireless networks that keep end-users connected. Westell’s comprehensive solutions enables enterprises and communities to not only improve performance, but also reduce operating expense.

For over 20 years, Westell has been providing the equipment to support emergency responder radio communications solutions (ERCES). Westell has not only kept pace with today’s standards but represents one of the only equipment manufacturers to offer an end-to-end solution.

Custom Mission-Critical Antenna Systems for Surveillance, Military, Transportation & Tactical Applications

Since 1976 STI-CO has been a premier supplier of mission-critical antenna solutions. STI-CO specializes in designing and manufacturing antenna systems that keep teams safe and securely connected.

STI-CO’s custom, high-performance antenna systems combine over 50 years of expertise with the latest in technology for your surveillance, tactical and transportation applications to keep you safe and connected. STI-CO is committed to working with law enforcement, FirstNet,

emergency management, defense, construction, utility and service vehicles to deliver a robust and reliable antenna solution custom-made for specific program requirements.

PMC Wireless partners with STI-CO products because they are built to last and come with a five-year warranty.

With STI-CO’s high-performance and rugged antenna systems you will Always Stay Connected.

Innovative Customizable Antennas, RF Signaling Conditioning Products, Filters, Receiver Multicouplers

PMC Wireless partners with Sinclair Technologies because they are a leading designer and manufacturer of antenna and RF signal conditioning products and coverage solutions. Sinclair products are used extensively in public safety and enterprise communication networks.

With over 70 years of industry-leading expertise in all aspects of the design and manufacture of antenna and RF signal conditioning systems, Sinclair Technologies continues to be committed to the R&D of new products and industry-leading technical solutions.

Sinclair Technologies offers integrated solutions for all your wireless needs and follows the highest standards in quality and innovation. Whether you are looking for a single antenna or a complete system, Sinclair has you covered with more than 2,000 different. products including Base Station Antennas, Mobile/Transit Antennas, Covert Antennas, 5G Antennas, Filters, Receiver Multi-couplers, and Accessories.

Sinclair Technologies industry-leading designs set the standards for quality, innovation and durability.

Provides Design, Manufacturing of Fixed and Mobile Antennas, RF Filtering Solutions and In-Building DAS

As a market leader in RF solutions, Comprod puts innovation and customer satisfaction at the core of its business strategy. For over 40 years, Comprod has set itself apart by adapting their solutions offerings to fit customer’s needs and demands while anticipating the future of the industry.

Building on their expertise and experience, Comprod has developed a complete range of high-quality, low-maintenance products that are designed for durability and can withstand the harshest of environments – from extreme cold to extreme heat and humidity.

Comprod products include a complete portfolio of:

  • • Antennas and Clamps
  • • Filters and RF Components
  • • Mobile and Transit Antennas
  • • In-Building Systems

Comprod’s knowledge of the market, best-in-class technology and high-level of customer service have made them a partner of choice for PMC Wireless and over 1,000 public safety, utility, telco, transportation, defense and government organizations worldwide.

PMC Wireless relies upon Comprod for their superior quality, reliability and ability

to customize a solution for any RF communication need.

RF Infrastructure Products for Land Mobile Radio Including RF Filters, Duplexers, Combiners, Multicouplers, and Tower Top Amplifiers

TX/RX Systems has been serving the Land Mobile Radio market with industry leader in RF and monitoring solutions for almost 50 years. TX/RX specializes in supplying the latest RF conditioning and communication equipment to first responders, government entities, universities, distribution centers and more.

TX RX Systems offers a comprehensive range of network frequencies including VHF, UHF, 700MHz, 800MHz, and 900MHz for Land Mobile Radio Communication.

TX RX world-class innovative solutions for RF and Monitoring include:

  • • Combining Systems
  • • Receive Multi-Couplers
  • • Duplexers
  • • Tower Top Amplifier
  • • Remote Monitoring
  • • RF Components

TX RX ‘s adoption of the ISO9001 standard is another demonstration of their commitment to excellence in business operations, and commitment to future growth.

TX RX solves problems by combining highly trained technicians with the market’s best American-made RF conditioning equipment.


Video Security

End-to-End Video Management Systems that Include a Suite of Integrated Cameras, Access Control and Data Analytics

The lifeline of any municipality or enterprise is the safety and security of its people, and video surveillance and access control are the cornerstones to initiating a safer environment.

PMC Wireless partners with Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions Company, to provide AI and video analytics, cameras and sensors, video infrastructure, video management software and access control solutions.

Our video solutions help you quickly find and share critical intelligence faster, so you can respond to events with the speed, intelligence and decisiveness that keeps your people, operations and assets safe.

Avigilon offers a complete line of state-of-the-art technology from multi-performance cameras (fixed, PTZ, dome, thermal, fisheye, intercom, etc.) sensors, AI & video analytics, video management software, access control and Motorola Solutions integration.

If you are looking to deploy a new video security and access control solution, PMC Wireless has the right solutions to meet your needs.

PMC Wireless Is a Licensed Authorized Distributor and Integrator

For Video Surveillance and Access Control Solutions.

Access Control

A Complete Range of Building Access Control Technologies and Products to Secure a Range of Entry and Exit Points

At PMC Wireless we offer a complete line of access control solutions designed to secure a variety of entry and exit points. Whether we are securing a touchless door with user permissions or securing and monitoring elevators, stairwells, loading docks, gates and parking garages across a complex facility or campus, we offer a complete line of best-in-class solutions.

With our integrated access control security solutions, we provide real-time visibility, allowing you to view access events as they occur, with automatic alerting and detailed reporting. Our solutions allow you to improve security and awareness with either complete on-premise or cloud-based access control systems, featuring touchless and mobile capabilities for greater flexibility.

Let PMC Wireless Help Find the Right Integrated Security Solution for your Business or Municipality.

Touchless Concealed Weapons Detection (CWD) Screening Technology

Motorola Solutions Concealed Weapons Detection (CWD), powered by Evolv Technology, keeps people and assets safe by using advanced sensors and artificial intelligence to detect a wide range of concealed weapons and threats. It is the world’s first and only touchless security screening solution that is conducive to supporting post-pandemic security screening requirements. This solution operates up to ten times faster and far more effective than traditional screening methods, while providing a touchless experience.

Fast, Intelligent Screening: Seamlessly screens up to 3,600 people per hour (60 per minute). Unlike legacy metal detectors, wands, and pat downs, Evolv distinguishes between threats and items like a cellphone, coins or keys.

Respectful, Hassle-Free Experience: A quick, unobtrusive workflow with no stopping required. People can enter individually or in groups without pause, based on the site’s defined process.

Easy To Operate: Helps security teams see, understand, and act on potential threats with speed and accuracy. CWD provides a simple, targeted solution with real-time visibility to where a potential threat is on a person’s body or bag reducing the amount of physical contact.

Flexible Deployment Options: CWD is easy to set up and move and can be used either indoors or outdoors. This flexibility enables the system to be used at different entrances and for special events. Five different sensitivity settings are available for different threat levels.

PMC Wireless Is a Licensed Authorized Distributor and Integrator

For Video Surveillance and Access Control Solutions.

Drone Detection Systems

In recent years the proliferation of drones for both commercial and recreational use has led to unauthorized, non-credible activity.

We have routinely seen drones:

  • • Impede utilities
  • • Crash at stadiums
  • • Deliver contraband in prisons
  • • Disrupt flights
  • • Deployed for industrial espionage

With this in mind, PMC Wireless has partnered with AeroDefense to offer the AirWarden™ drone detection system for public safety and security teams.

AirWarden™ drone detection systems provide public safety agencies and security teams with early warning and actionable intelligence to respond quickly and effectively to drone threats, with technology that monitors for the presence of absence of drone signals.

AirWarden is the only drone detection solution to receive the Department of Homeland Security Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act Developmental Testing and Evaluation designation.


Products that Enhance Interoperability and Coverage of Communications Solutions for VoIP, RoIP and Radio Frequency Systems

For over 30 years, JPS has focused on enhancing and expanding communications infrastructure by delivering cost-effective and reliable communication solutions.

Over the years, PMC Wireless has turned to JPS for their ability to deliver reliable communication solutions, whether for voice or data. JPS designs products to enhance communications systems by making them more versatile, more secure and more robust. The JPS portfolio of products provide innovative solutions that solve challenges for public safety, military, government, oil/gas and commercial users.

JPS Interoperability Solutions include:

  • Radio Over IP: JPS invented Radio over IP (RoIP) to provide a secure, cost-effective means of expanding Land Mobile Radio (LMR) coverage.
  • PoC/LMR Integration: JPS radio gateways provide a bridging interface between LMR systems and PoC solutions.
  • Wide Area Communications: JPS devices communicate across any network link, regardless of distance or bandwidth, and are more cost effective.
  • Communications Interoperability: For over 30 years, JPS has designed and manufactured devices capable of bridging technology gaps to support interoperability.
  • LMR Coverage Expansion: JPS products feature multiple, cost-effective ways to expand LMR coverage beyond the limits of a traditional radio system.
  • Remote Dispatching: JPS devices can provide a cost-effective remote dispatch alternative to traditional dispatch solutions.
  • Cybersecurity: JPS developed a purpose-built appliance that is not reliant upon standard network security methods that can protect remote SCADA-based equipment and critical infrastructure.
Let PMC Wireless work with you to build the right JPS Interoperability Solution for your needs.

An Interoperability Software that Seamlessly Connects a Variety of Systems

Telex’s flexible and scalable interoperability solutions are found in countless enterprise and public safety dispatch centers and mobile command vehicles around the world. Telex’s ability to leverage multiple radio technologies and link them together via IP allows for coordinated response between departments along with other local, state and even federal agencies.

Solutions that only address one radio technology or one manufacturer of LMR radios can only get you so far when you need to coordinate between different radio technologies. In order to gain the most from your coordination, you need dispatch systems that can handle it all from one consolidated position and that’s where Telex comes in. Telex’s Bridging Systems interconnect with a variety of systems seamlessly using industry standards and APIs.

Telex offers a full spectrum of solutions that can be integrated to meet your unique requirements, whether it’s for dispatch, public address, conferencing, CCTV, fire or security.

Learn how PMC Wireless can deploy a Telex solution to allow you to create better interoperability.


Microwave Transport and Backhaul Solutions that Provide Public and Private Operators with Communications Infrastructure Including Radios, Switches, Routers and Software

PMC Wireless partners with Aviat Networks for their extensive microwave backhaul solutions and outstanding reputation as an industry leader. Their portfolio provides customers with the power of choice. Aviat’s microwave radios, switches, routers and software products enable network operators and managers to build the highest-performing networks at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Aviat Networks products are purpose-built for mission-critical requirements and have a proven track record for architecting cost-effective public safety networks at L1/L2/L3. Their product quality and reliability are unmatched in the wireless transport industry and with product innovations such as the industry’s first integrated IP/MPLS wireless router, highest power microwave radio ever built and first cloud-based automation platform, you can be assured you are accessing the wireless industry’s top technology.

PMC is proud to offer Aviat Networks’ premiere wireless solutions for mission critical public safety applications.

Reliable Fiber Optic and Connecting Devices for Mission-Critical Communications

Since 1991, TC Communications has designed and manufactured industry-focused communications products in power, public safety, transportation, military, aviation, and oil and gas. TC Communications is passionate about designing solutions that focus on mission-critical communication and connecting devices in an ever-changing environment.

PMC Wireless relies upon TC Communications because of their wide range of expertise with networks using analog/digital designs and TDM, voice and IP technologies, having installed more than 250,000 products worldwide.

TC Communications has installed more than 250,000 products worldwide and many of these products are being used for critical networking applications including:

  • Emergency Police / Fire Voice Systems
  • Utilities (SCADA, Tele-protection, Smart Grid, etc.)
  • Cell Site Backhaul Networks

The TC Communications family of products are designed to integrate a broad spectrum of communication devices over a single network. TC’s engineers design their products with mission-critical reliability in mind, including limited access in remote locations, and extreme weather conditions. As a result, their products can be managed remotely and are easy to integrate, maintain and rely on.