PMC’s enhanced solutions provide schools with the capability to detect, analyze, communicate, and respond to potential threats or incidents.

For over 30 years PMC Wireless has been assisting schools and campuses across New Jersey, New York, and Eastern Pennsylvania with integrated wireless solutions that allow students, faculty, and staff a safe environment where they can grow and learn.

Headquartered in Hazlet, NJ and serving the New York Metro area, PMC Wireless is uniquely qualified to design, install, and service your integrated wireless voice and security systems. From installing a two-way radio system that connects with local police and fire agencies, to video surveillance solutions that can send voice alerts to your radios, PMC Wireless is your one-stop shop to help you plan and build a Safer School Ecosystem.

As a Motorola Solutions Safety Reimagined Partner, PMC Wireless is professionally trained and certified in delivering all of the solutions within the Safer Schools Mission Critical Ecosystem. PMC Wireless can provide school districts with their voice, video, and data solutions to support efficient day-to-day campus activities and provide critical infrastructure if an emergency arises.

PMC’s enhanced solutions provide schools with the capability to detect, analyze, communicate, and respond to potential threats or incidents.


The ability to view and monitor the people who are on campus or entering your schools plays a critical role in minimizing the threat of a potential incident. At the heart of Detection is a video security system that monitors and identifies unusual activity and potential intruders.

Video Security

At PMC Wireless we feature specialized cameras such as fisheye for large rooms or auditoriums, multi-sensor for hallways, and high definition for larger areas such as parking lots to enhance the visibility of your school’s safety and security.

License Plate Recognition

LPR camera technology provides the opportunity to monitor threat designated vehicles entering school grounds and approaching roads.

Tip Submit

Provides an anonymous web-based application for students to provide alerts any time from their phone or laptop.

Watch List Reporting

Through the use of a watch list created and maintained by authorized personnel, you can establish perimeters and alerts that identify people of interest who penetrate those perimeters.

Access Control

Manage staff, student, and visitor access to buildings or restricted areas on school grounds using a role-based system with instant detection of individuals at access points.

Radio Alert

At PMC Wireless we can create critical voice or text alerts directly to your two-way radios when your video security system detects unusual or suspicious activity.

Radio Alert In Action
(TRT :42)

PMC Wireless
Safer School Products


At PMC Wireless we recognize the ability to Analyze the data from your video surveillance technology and enable these insights into actionable management before an incident occurs is what differentiates a Safer Schools Ecosystem.

Appearance Search

This application allows you to find individuals with searches using specific physical descriptions such as clothing, color, gender, or age.

Identity Search

Allows you to map the movements of people on campus with integrated ID badge or credentials and visually retrace campus movements.

Unusual Motion Detection

PMC Wireless’s Unusual Motion Detection allows you to identify atypical events with artificial intelligence that “learns” typical activities and flags any unusual motion or activity.

Focus Attention

Easily identifies where action is required on your surveillance console by highlighting critical video activities identified by color-coded hexagons, focusing your attention on what’s critical.

Self-Learning Analytics

At PMC Wireless we can monitor your school’s property 24/7 with video software that detects abnormal or concerning activity to activate an immediate response.


At PMC Wireless we understand the significance of creating a safe and collaborative educational environment where you, your teams and the local authorities are always seamlessly connected. Clear and dependable wireless radio communication within your schools and across campus is key to creating a Safer School Ecosystem.

MOTOTRBO Two-Way Radios

PMC Wireless offers a complete line of purpose-built two-way radios to allow teachers, administrators, security personnel, and bus drivers to communicate securely and clearly across all zones of operation.

WAVE PTX & Broadband Push-To-X

We can enhance school’s administrators’ situational awareness by extending two-way radio systems connectivity and reach to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even across land-lines.

CBRS Private LTE Networks (NITRO)

We recognize the importance of ensuring that every student can access online learning from the safety of their homes, or to share media and data across campus using a secure wireless network. By deploying Motorola Solutions private LTE NITRO solution, PMC Wireless can cost-effectively deliver on this wide-area network.

Dispatch Software

Simplify and standardize your dispatch process and workflow with a dashboard view of assigned or pending calls, and available units. Keep your team in touch across different devices, networks, and locations, sending private or group calls to all users across all devices.



PMC Wireless recognizes that today’s EDUCATION IT PROFESSIONALS need to stay connected across campus and the district.
The MOTOTRBO Ion smart radio is a rugged, feature-rich, Android platform communication device with an intuitive touchsceen that even lets you view security cameras and send photos and videos.
PMC Wireless recognizes that today’s EDUCATION IT PROFESSIONALS need to stay connected across campus and the district.


Whether it’s an everyday situation or an emergency, how you respond can make a critical difference.

CommandCentral Aware Enterprise

Provides incident insights with real-time video and direct connections between your school and local law enforcement, giving police eyes on the scene in seconds for a more informed response.

Communicator - Mass Notification

Allows administration the ability notify and mobilize critical personnel such as faculty or parents at a moment’s notice with automated text alerts, emails, or voice messages, ensuring the sharing of information across groups.

P25 Mission - Critical Communications

Enable seamless coordination and connectivity — regardless of the situation — with interoperability between school personnel and local law enforcement to ensure a rapid response.

Critical Connect

Allows for secure connectivity between two-way radios and smartphones whenever and wherever it is needed.

Ally Incident Management & Records

At PMC Wireless we recognize the importance to efficiently document incidents and accurately manage records. Ally Incident Management provides customizable record fields and multimedia attachments, all accessible from any web-enabled devices, promoting proactive trend analysis and security planning.

Emergency Response Access Control

Empower an immediate first response with full access to rule-based actions and notifications from any workstation, ensuring management of all ingress and egress points anytime, anywhere.


Two-Way Radios, Radio Systems (On-Site - Wide-Area), Radio Accessories, Wave Push-To-Talk Communications, Call Boxes, Ally Incident and Records Management


Avigilon / Pelco Cameras, Video Analytic Solutions, License Plate Recognition, Access Control


NITRO (CBRS) Wide Area Connectivity Solutions, In Building Public Safety Bi-Directional Amplifier systems


PMC Wireless Provides Custom Emergency Responder Radio Communications Solutions (ERRCS) or Public Safety–Distributed Antenna Systems to Enhance Radio Coverage
An ERRCS or Public Safety-DAS in your facility ensures first responders will have reliable two-way radio communication while on campus during an emergency. The need for dependable radio coverage even extends to hard-to-reach coverage areas such as stairwells, underground tunnels, parking garages, electrical closets and pump rooms.
Local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) such as your local Fire Marshall may have additional requirements associated with their specific wireless coverage needs that may exceed the mandates required by the FCC, NFPA and IFC.
Navigating all these requirements to compliance can easily become overwhelming if you are not staying on top of the current codes and leveraging a trusted partner like PMC Wireless.
PMC Wireless can provide K-12 and higher education customers service agreements that will you offer peace of mind that we will maintain their facilities PS-DAS system and work with their local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to stay compliant.
PMC Wireless also works with K-12 schools and higher educational institutions to enhance the cellular coverage throughout their facilities.
Slow Internet Access – Long Upload/Download Times on Vital Curriculum – Frequent Website Buffering – No Cellular Coverage – Dropped Calls
With the influx of wireless technology in cellphones, tablets and laptops that are dependent upon cellular coverage for students, faculty and administrators, adequate carrier coverage and capacity is essential for institutions.
At PMC Wireless we work with all the major carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon to design the best neutral host in-building carrier system. Working side-by-side with the industry’s premier providers of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) & Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) technology, PMC Wireless can design, install and maintain a customized carrier solution to meet your institution’s specific in-building needs and criteria.
When lack of cellular connectivity inhibits your productivity or poses a threat in case of emergency, contact PMC Wireless to create a solution that will meet both your immediate and long-term in-building coverage enhancement requirements.

PMC Designs, Installs, and Maintains Private LTE Solutions That Provide School Districts with the Wireless Connectivity They Need to Meet Today’s Demands.

Across the nation IT professionals are realizing that the next huge leap in private wireless networks is here: Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) technology arrives at a time when Wi-Fi networks are being stretched like never before. PMC Wireless offers Motorola’s Nitro CBRS solution, and will design a custom broadband network to meet your data needs and provide encrypted Private LTE to you at greater speed, security, connectivity, range, and capacity than ever before.

Nitro Reduces Infrastructure Costs and installation Time

School districts across the country are taking advantage of the benefits of Motorola Solution’s’ Nitro private LTE network. Nitro allows you to create a private LTE network on recently released shared spectrum, and avoid the traditional costs associated with private licensed spectrum. Plus, because Nitro is based on wireless technology, you can reduce your infrastructure costs and installation time.

Nitro Applications Are Virtually Limitless…

Seamlessly connect your video surveillance, access control systems, and consumer data devices. Support virtual learning applications on campus or across an entire district.

PMC Wireless’s Nitro Solution Enables High-Speed & Maximum Capacity

Nitro offers twice the capacity and four times the speed of Wi-Fi. With Nitro you can integrate voice, video, and data and enable efficient, high-quality, low-latency voice, video and data connections. CBRS is also an evolution technology that provides a migration path to 5G capabilities.

To learn more, contact your PMC Wireless consultant.

PMC Wireless partners with Cradlepoint to design, install, and maintain Wi-Fi connectivity for schools and school districts based on their broad solutions portfolio and ability to deliver reliable internet access that’s flexible, scalable, secure, and easy to manage.

For today’s students, internet access is essential whether they are accessing Wi-Fi on campus or while riding on the bus. The need to stay connected is critical. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service and wireless edge routers unlock the power of LTE and 5G cellular networks, allowing PMC Wireless and your school district to deploy wireless connectivity across any digital divide — helping staff, faculty, and students achieve their full potential.

Wireless Wide-Area Networks Are the Future for Education

Enabling distance learning – Connecting school buses – Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for schools – Secure Access from Home – Connectivity of cameras & access control – Remote access to digital signage.

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Wireless Wide-Area Networks Are the Future for Education

Enable distance learning with secure access from home. Connect school buses, cameras, and access control. Enjoy reliable Wi-Fi at school.

PMC Can Help

As part of the $7.1 billion funded by the American Rescue Plan Act, the Emergency Connectivity Fund earmarks allocations for school districts for LTE and 5G routers on school buses, as well as broadband connectivity and devices for schools and libraries. In addition, the funding has been designated for remote teaching and distance learning originating on campus, and other locations besides schools and libraries. Schools seeking reimbursement have until June 20, 2022 to file for new purchases.

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Despite the expiration of available funding to support Alyssa’s Law, many public elementary and secondary schools are still looking to deploy a reliable panic alarm across their school districts to alert law enforcement in the event of a school security emergency. At PMC Wireless we recognize the critical importance of Alyssa’s Law and are here to help you and your school achieve Alyssa’s Law panic button compliance, while helping to ensure the safety and security of your children and our educators.