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PMC’s enhanced solutions provide healthcare facilities with the capability to detect, analyze, communicate, and respond to potential threats or incidents.

For more than 30 years, PMC Wireless has provided healthcare facilities across New Jersey, New York, and Eastern Pennsylvania with integrated wireless security solutions that offer patients, healthcare providers, and administrators with a safe environment to focus on their mission. PMC Wireless assists hospitals, emergency centers, and outpatient and long-term care facilities across New Jersey, New York, and Eastern Pennsylvania with integrated wireless solutions that support patients, visitors, and caregivers with a safe environment where they can focus on patient care and satisfaction.

At the heart of this integration is Orchestrate, an interface tool that automates it all. PMC’s Safe Hospitals’ technologies come together to keep healthcare facilities safe, secure, and operationally efficient. This integrated technology ecosystem not only supports everyday facility activities but also provides eyes and ears where you have never had them before as well as the ability to respond to emerging situations before they escalate and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

PMC’s enhanced solutions provide healthcare facilities with the capability to detect, analyze, communicate, and respond to potential threats or incidents.


As healthcare providers extend their coverage to more locations with a broader portfolio of services, PMC Wireless supports healthcare agencies with LTE and 5G wireless connectivity. Cradlepoint solutions provide facilities with failsafe back-up wireless connectivity and support telehealth, Bluetooth-connected devices, mobile healthcare stations, live streaming from ambulances and pop-up clinics. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service and cellular-enabled wireless routers provide secure and reliable connectivity for medical professionals.


PMC Wireless Provides Custom Emergency Responder Radio Communications Solutions (ERRCS) or Public Safety–Distributed Antenna Systems to Enhance Radio Coverage
An ERRCS or Public Safety-DAS in your facility ensures first responders will have reliable two-way radio communication while on campus during an emergency. The need for dependable radio coverage even extends to hard-to-reach coverage areas such as stairwells, underground tunnels, parking garages, electrical closets and pump rooms.

Local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) such as your local Fire Marshall may have additional requirements associated with their specific wireless coverage needs that may exceed the mandates required by the FCC, NFPA and IFC.

Navigating all these requirements to compliance can easily become overwhelming if you are not staying on top of the current codes and leveraging a trusted partner like PMC Wireless.

PMC Wireless can provide K-12 and higher education customers service agreements that will you offer peace of mind that we will maintain their facilities PS-DAS system and work with their local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to stay compliant.

75% of nearly 25,000 workplace assaults
occur annually in healthcare settings

* Source: American Journal of Managed Care


Security threats and acts of workplace violence in the healthcare industry are on the rise. This not only undermines the safety of healthcare workers and quality of patient care, but also places greater demand on healthcare security professionals.

The VB400 body camera is designed for commercial and enterprise applications to make it easy to capture high-quality, first-person video.

All too often we hear of aggression or confrontations at hospitals from patients and visitors. The VB400 enables workers and security teams to safely control or deescalate a situation in an emergency and provide the public with an unbiased independent witness.

The VB400 represents the next generation of body-worn camera technology.

  • Rugged Ergonomic Design
  • Long-Shift Battery Life
  • High-Quality Video Capture
  • Dual Microphones
  • Wide-Angle Lens
  • Intuitive Buttons
  • Multiple Ways to Connect
  • Live Stream to Video Management System 

The VB400 seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, so workers can grab their cameras and get to work with minimal training and disruption. With the VB400’s superior connectivity, you can live stream body-worn camera footage and fixed video surveillance cameras into the same video management system to understand the full context of a situation.

In the field, interaction can be captured in high-definition from start to finish. All footage is stored and encrypted on the VB400 until the end of the shift when it is redocked, at which point it is offloaded securely and automatically.

Safeguarding patients’ personal health information and their rights to privacy is consistent with Adherence to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) laws and local privacy regulations that dictate how video footage is stored, accessed and viewed. All VB400 camera footage is securely offloaded to the VideoManager, and can only be accessed by authorized personnel by securely logging in from a computer or tablet connected to the network. In addition, a variety of built-in image and audio redaction features enable you to protect personally identifiable information.

Let PMC Wireless help you explore how the VB400 Body Cams can deter aggression, improve business practices and capture confrontations.



With the influx of wireless technology in data capture, tablets and laptops that are dependent upon cellular coverage for doctors, nurses and administrators, adequate carrier coverage and capacity is essential for healthcare institutions.

At PMC Wireless we work with all the major carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon to design the best neutral host in-building carrier system.

Working side-by-side with the industry’s premier providers of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) & Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) technology, PMC Wireless can design, install and maintain a customized carrier solution to meet your institution’s specific in-building needs and criteria.

When wireless connectivity becomes a distraction or poses a threat in case of emergency, contact PMC Wireless to create a solution that will meet both your immediate and long-term in-building coverage enhancement requirements.

PMC Wireless also works with healthcare institutions to enhance cellular coverage throughout their facilities.


The ability to Detect who is entering your parking lots, facilities and sensitive areas plays a critical role in enhancing situational awareness and minimizing the response time to potential threats and operational problems. Integrated solutions with built-in artificial intelligence that triggers alerts provides interoperable technologies, better detection and critical information.

Detection Solutions

Our security solutions enhance the safety and security of your facilities and deter threats from escalating. We offer a variety of camera technologies, including wide-view cameras, fisheye, multi-sensor, and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) for parking lots and common areas.

License Plate Recognition

LPR cameras allow you to monitor surrounding roads and parking lots and automatically alert security when unauthorized or flagged vehicles enter your campus.

Watch List Alerting

Allows you to distribute alerts to authorized security personnel when a predetermined perimeter has been breached, a license plate of interest is identified or a specific person of interest is recognized.

Access Control

We offer a complete line of Access Control technology to help manage your staff and the public access to facilities or restricted areas with instant badge detection at access points and video surveillance-based verifications.

Radio Alerts

Radio Alerts is a proprietary technology that allows two-way radios to receive text and audio alerts from your surveillance and access control analytics when entries are breached or suspicious activity is detected.

At PMC Wireless we recognize the ability to Analyze the data from your technology and enable real-time insights into actionable management before an incident occurs is what differentiates a Safe Hospital Ecosystem.

Analytic Solutions

Avigilon Appearance Search™ enables you to find individuals with searches using specific physical descriptions such as clothing, color, gender or age.

Identity Search

Allows you to map the movements of patients, visitors or personnel within your facilities with integrated ID badge or credentials and visually retrace actions throughout the entire premise.

Unusual Motion & Activity Detection

Reveals any anomalies that may pose a security, safety or operational risk with artificial intelligence that “learns” typical hospital activities in a scene to automatically detect and flag unusual motion or activities.

Focus of Attention

Instantaneously notifies you where action is required on your surveillance console by highlighting unusual activities identified by color-coded hexagons, focusing your attention on what’s critical.

PMC Wireless understands the significance of creating a safe and collaborative healthcare environment where security, administration, caregivers, staff and the local authorities are always seamlessly connected. Clear and dependable wireless radio communication within your facilities is an important part of creating a Safer Hospital Ecosystem and ensuring you and your entire team are aware and informed at all times.

Communication Solutions

PMC Wireless offers a complete line of purpose-built MOTOTRBO Two-Way Radios to allow security, maintenance, housekeeping, caregivers and administrators to communicate securely and clearly across all departments of operation.

WAVE PTX: Broadband Push-to-Talk

Allows you to enhance hospital’s administrators’ situational awareness even when away from the facility by extending two-way radio systems’ connectivity and reach to smartphones, tablets, laptops and even across land-lines.


CBRS Private LTE (NITRO) helps healthcare providers achieve greater enterprise-grade private broadband that enables you to share multi-media and data across your departments and facilities using a private data network managed via a cloud-based portal.

Dispatch Software

Our Dispatch Software solutions simplify records management and standardize your dispatch process with streamlined dashboard views and instant communications across devices, networks and locations scaled to your hospital’s specific needs. Software solutions are enhanced with the ability to share details via text, photo, video or file attachment to handheld devices, tablets, laptops and even land-lines.

Whether it’s an everyday situation or an emergency, how healthcare institutions respond can make a critical difference. Dynamic interoperability makes it easy to instantly share data with first responders, enhancing their situational awareness. Your ability to enable a rapid response and document incidents can be critical in preventing incidents from becoming tragedies.

CommandCentral Aware Enterprises

CommandCentral Aware Enterprise software provides critical incident insights with real-time video, and direct communication connections between your facility and local law enforcement, giving first responders eyes on the scene in seconds for a more informed response.

Critical Connect

Easily enables and disables secure temporary communication links between networks with interoperability between first responders and hospital security.

Ally Incident Management & Records

Solutions streamline incident and records management with customizable record fields and multimedia attachments, all accessible from web-enabled devices.

Body-Worn Cameras

Protect caregivers and administrators with an integrated video solution that captures high-quality video evidence through a powerful mix of capabilities, including live streaming and automated recording.

Ally Incident Management & Records

Solutions streamline incident and records management with customizable record fields and multimedia attachments, all accessible from web-enabled devices.