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For more than 30 years, PMC Wireless has provided transportation agencies and utility companies with operational-critical wireless communications and technology solutions that enhance operational efficiency, safety, and security.

PMC Wireless assists transportation agencies and utility companies across New Jersey, New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Virginia with integrated technology solutions that provide vehicles and work crews with vital links to coordinate personnel and enhance their safety and security.

Headquartered in Hazlet, NJ, PMC Wireless is uniquely qualified to design, install and service your end-to-end wireless communication systems. From deploying wide-area multi-channel two-way radio systems that keep fleets connected, to integrating high-speed modems for enhanced data connectivity, to integrating software applications that support automated dispatch, PMC Wireless is the trusted advisor you can count on.

Our solutions include:


PMC Wireless has proudly partnered with the world’s leading manufacturers of two-way radio systems, radio devices, dispatch consoles, and software applications for our customers. Our mission has always been to deliver an innovative end-to-end solution that allows you to stay focused on the task at hand and become a reliable partner that supports you well after the sale. 

As wireless voice and data technologies evolve, solutions can become obsolete and result in financial implications. We understand the need to be fiscally responsible and invest in technologies you can leverage today and evolve with for years to come. With this in mind, we invest time upfront to understand your needs and deliver the greatest value while staying within your budget. PMC partners with a variety of manufacturers to offer end-to-end solutions like our larger competitors, but with the personal touch of a family-owned business and a customer-focused culture we are proud to maintain.


PMC Wireless recognizes that the number of devices and applications to choose from can be overwhelming. There are several variables that will impact your purchase decision, such as connectivity both in the cab and out, required talk groups, coverage area, available frequencies, and overall performance features. 

PMC has a full team of engineers, technicians, project managers, and support staff to deliver a custom solution to meet your specific needs and budget. Our reasonable maintenance packages can ease the future burden of supporting your investment, and we will be with you as your network requirements evolve. 

You can discuss your communication needs with one of our certified sales professionals, so we can assist you in your purchasing decision and ensure your needs are addressed with both your short- and long-term goals in mind.

Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ portfolio of DMR portable and mobile two-way radios offers you a wide variety of rugged devices to withstand the day-to-day challenges of your work site. Devices range from simple Push-To-Talk (PTT) voice-only models to feature-rich voice and data radios for the professional enhanced radio user. All MOTOTRBO™ devices work seamlessly to deliver advanced features to enhance your safety, productivity, and efficiency. With exceptional voice quality and outstanding usability, MOTOTRBO™ keeps your work teams connected.

Tait Communications

For over 50 years, Tait has been one of the more forward-thinking companies in the industry. PMC Wireless has been partnering with Tait for over a decade and we are proud to be one of their largest partners in the country.

Tait Communications understands that when it comes to Push-To-Talk two-way radios, one size does not fit all—which is why they designed Tait DMR Radio systems and software to be multi-mode and open standard, resulting in flexible and customizable solutions for customers across multiple markets. Tait portable and mobile DMR radios are durable devices, built Tait Tough with a range of options to suit a variety of challenging environments that radio users face. With Tait DMR you can choose from a wide range of options to meet your requirements today, and easily add other features as your needs change in the future.


PMC Wireless carries a full supply of mobile and portable radio accessories for all major brands.  We recognize that the right radio accessories can assist with hands-free operation or support hearing protection to communicate on noisy job sites. Accessories can enhance work crew safety and productivity, from power source accessories such as batteries and charging stations, to ruggedized carry-cases, clips, and holsters to remote speaker microphones, headsets, and surveillance mics.  Whatever your teams need to safely support their day-to-day operations, PMC Wireless is your source for the most complete two-way radio solutions.

No matter what type of radios you use, PMC Wireless can recommend cost-effective and reliable accessories to enhance two-way radio performance and overall productivity.


PMC Wireless partners with both Zetron and Avtec command-and-control dispatch solutions. Zetron’s commitment to provide reliable, expandable, configurable, and easy-to-use solutions makes them a reliable partner of choice. Zetron has delivered thousands of integrated public safety dispatch systems for police, fire, EMS, 9-1-1 call centers, major utilities, and transportation providers across North America.

The Avtec Scout family of dispatch console solutions integrates all your communication center needs, whether simple, highly complex, or somewhere in between. Avtec provides options for secure, converged voice and radio dispatch communications. 

In addition to Zetron and Avtec’s command and control dispatch solutions, PMC also partners with Evans, console solutions designed for mission-critical communications; and Concept Seating to support our customers in the design and support of ergonomically friendly environments that enhance worker productivity and efficiency. 

PMC can help you design, install, and maintain an end-to-end dispatch command and control room solution.


Modems & Routers

Through our partnership with Cradlepoint, PMC Wireless has collaborated on several high-profile wireless deployments. Cradlepoint is a well-known and trusted provider of mobile and fixed network connectivity devices. With over 3,500 customers across the world relying on Cradlepoint solutions, you know you are working with a trusted partner.

Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for Mobile and edge routers unlock the power of LTE and 5G Wireless WAN fleet connectivity for access to applications such as in-vehicle networks and connecting IoT devices. Cradlepoint solutions help IT teams and fleet managers better serve customers, enable business operations, and save money.

Whatever your need is for operational-critical cellular connectivity, Cradlepoint can provide tailored solutions with wireless routers or adapters that are engineered to withstand the demands of everyday use. Cradlepoint’s intelligent networking software and dual modems ensure nonstop reliability across one or more cellular networks.

Rugged Laptops & Tablets

Getac has provided a comprehensive line of innovative and rugged in-vehicle and mobile tablet solutions that seamlessly connect field personnel with dispatch and vital field information. PMC Wireless relies upon Getac’s rugged convertible laptops and tablets for customers because their solutions are inherently rugged, built to thrive in extreme weather conditions, withstand drops up to six feet and offer comprehensive software and connectivity solutions.

Getac’s devices support a variety of utility applications including workforce management, smart meter reading & installation, data collection, GIS surveying & mapping, safety checklists and maintenance programs, asset management, and much more.

Call Your PMC Wireless Professional to Discuss Your Specific Communications and Data Needs

PMC Wireless Can Support the Needs of:

Gas, Water, Streets & Sanitation, Power, Electric, Phone, Cable, Snow Plowing, Garbage & Waste Management, Parks & Recreation, Animal Control and more. For Transportation companies, PMC can support mass transit, railroads, buses, and more.