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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance & Access Control:

PMC Wireless is a New Jersey state licensed authorized distributor and integrator (Burglar Alarm # 34BX00025000) for video surveillance and access control solutions.  As the convergence of wireless technologies continues to accelerate, PMC Wireless has stayed at the forefront of this innovation and is positioned to provide our customers and prospects with a complete line of end-to-end voice, video and data solutions to enhance the safety, security and the productivity of their operations.

The life-line of any enterprise is the safety and efficiency of their people and processes, and protecting the cornerstones of the organization starts with actionable video.  By combining trusted hardware with innovative user experiences and enabled video analytics through Artificially Intelligence (AI), PMC Wireless can empower you with the wireless voice, video and data solutions you need to be successful.

Today, our innovative video and access control solutions can flag potentially critical events before they become problems, allowing to initiate a responsive action to avoid a potential crisis, and enable the review and assessment of hours of video footage in minutes rather than days.

If you are looking to deploy a new video security and access control solution, PMC Wireless has the right solutions to meet your needs.


PMC Wireless partners with Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions Company, that provides AI & video analytics, cameras & sensors, video infrastructure, video management software, and access control solutions.

Our video solutions help you quickly find and share critical intelligence faster, so you can respond to events with the speed, intelligence and the decisiveness that keeps your people, operations and assets safe.

With our differentiated voice, video and data solution ecosystem we can create powerful interconnectivity between our video surveillance solutions, Avigilon Control Center, and two-way radios.  These end-to-end solutions provide users actionable insights that allow operational and security personnel to quickly respond whether it’s securing exit doors, opening a gate for an approaching emergency vehicle, or dispatching a repair crew to minimize an assembly line shutdown, at PMC Wireless we are ready-to-deploy, the right high-performance video solution for you and your facility.

Avigilon offers a complete line of state-of-the-art technology from multi-performance cameras (fixed, PTZ, dome, thermal, fisheye, intercom, etc.) sensors, AI & video analytics, video management software, access control and Motorola Solutions integration.


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